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Some Home Truths

There are some things which are true, and some which are not. There are many things which are debatable, or contentious, or even undecided. But the true things will always be true. Our media habitually believes that stupid, nonsensical, or just plain wrong opinions deserve to be treated with the same weight as those things which are true. Let us take vaccination as an example. … Continue reading Some Home Truths

Three Rich White Guys From Sydney – 1. Tony Abbott

I contend that this country has been cheapened, degraded and trivialised by the three individuals who have occupied the Big Chair over the last five, nearly six years. First of all we had Tony Abbott. That sentence is almost enough, because we all roll our eyes, and we have visions of the guy in way too small bathing costumes, the rictus of his smile, him … Continue reading Three Rich White Guys From Sydney – 1. Tony Abbott

Fraser Anning – He Shouldn’t Even Be A Senator

Fraser Anning is famous, because more than a million Australians want him removed from Parliament. This is quite an achievement, because a grand total of nineteen, yes 19, people voted for him originally. So he is way better at getting people to detest him than he is at getting people to like him. You could call it a gift. He is the real Bradbury candidate, … Continue reading Fraser Anning – He Shouldn’t Even Be A Senator

Barnaby Will Never Be Prime Minister

Many outstanding politicians are remembered for doing something special for the country, or perhaps for a sort of lifetime of sustained effort for the country’s benefit. Barnaby Joyce was named “Australia’s best retail politician” by another politician – Tony Abbott. Now that does muddy the waters somewhat, but let’s see where this takes us. Take a long hard look at Barnaby’s career and one struggles … Continue reading Barnaby Will Never Be Prime Minister