Some Home Truths

There are some things which are true, and some which are not. There are many things which are debatable, or contentious, or even undecided. But the true things continue to be true. Our media habitually believes that stupid, nonsensical, or just plain wrong opinions deserve to be treated with the same weight as those things which are true.

Let us take vaccination as an example. Vaccination is always beneficial, and anyone who disagrees needs to have a tin-foil hat fitted. Their opinion is wrong, every day of the week, and whenever a modern citizen is exposed to measles, or some other disease of your choice, the blame lies squarely with whomever is not vaccinated, or their parents. Because the vaccination (2 doses) prevents infection in 99% of cases.

The Port Arthur mass shooting did occur. I cannot believe that anyone truly believes that it did not happen, but if they do they are wrong. So no time should be spent on allowing people of limited intelligence to be heard. They are wrong, and they’re wasting my time.

Climate change is happening. Don’t ask me, ask the climate scientists who study the matter. Between 90 and 100% of those scientists agree climate change is happening, and is caused by human action. But perhaps even more compelling is the opinion of global insurance companies. They don’t usually entertain fairy stories, so when they start to factor climate change into their calculations of premiums payable on property you know the grown-ups are convinced.

Remember when same sex marriage was seen as the gateway to all sorts of moral and sexual dangers. I think bestiality was even mentioned. It is clear that the community supports the concept, hence the overwhelming vote. So why are we still listening to the voices of the hysterical, who seem to think they are vulnerable to outbreaks of homosexual lust, or the terrific humiliation of having to bake a cake with representations of two people of the same sex in the icing. I for one would mandate that homophobic bakers must bake one homo-cake annually, upon pain of having to watch The Rocky Horror Show on high rotation.

There are certain things that right-thinking people know to be true. These are a small sample, but let us stop giving equal time to the people who should not be given access to cutlery. Because it can be dangerous, in the wrong hands.

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