Is Peter Dutton Right for the Job?

Peter Dutton is the man who very publicly refused to attend the national apology, delivered by Kevin Rudd in 2008. He apparently had no regrets, until six years later, when he said he had misunderstood the importance of the occasion. The question I ask is whether he is suitable to sit in the Parliament? Does he meet minimum standards? Can he make the country better, … Continue reading Is Peter Dutton Right for the Job?

Balance is over-rated

The Australian press and media is stricken with a terrible misunderstanding about its role, and responsibilities. It thinks that each and every view, no matter how stupid or misled, or just plain muddle-headed, needs to receive equal time. This is wrong, because there are certain things, in the immortal words of Donald Rumsfeld, which are known, some are unknown, and some are just unknowable. It … Continue reading Balance is over-rated

Santo Santoro – Matchmaker

It is often great to catch up with folk we have forgotten about. One such individual is Santo Santoro, a man with an interesting background, and clearly a big future. Like many of our candidates for the “He’ll Never be Prime Minister Award” Santoro was never elected to his position in the Senate. That is correct – he was appointed by the Queensland Government, to … Continue reading Santo Santoro – Matchmaker

Christmas Island – A Huge Waste of Money

When one is looking at current government ministers, and rating their general competence, choosing between Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton is like being asked to choose whether you’d rather eat tripe or chickens’ feet for dinner. Christmas Island is a massive waste of money, when at the exact same time we are pursuing the poor for money, most of which they don’t actually owe (just … Continue reading Christmas Island – A Huge Waste of Money

Politicians Behaving Badly

As if no-one has noticed, the good people of Australia are heading to an election soon. This has given both sides the chance to present themselves in the best light possible, should they wish to, but there has been much pompous posturing going on, and a couple of gratuitous phrases have recently slithered their way into various politicians’ vocabularies. They are “I make no apology”, … Continue reading Politicians Behaving Badly