Christmas Island – A Huge Waste of Money

When one is looking at current government ministers, and rating their general competence, choosing between Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton is like being asked to choose whether you’d rather eat tripe or chickens’ feet for dinner.

Christmas Island is a massive waste of money, when at the exact same time we are pursuing the poor for money, most of which they don’t actually owe (just google Robodebt, it is rich with tragedy). Of course it is just another Home Affairs over-reaction, and so it looks like a classic Dutton blue, but again Morrison has his marketing manager’s hand-print all over it, as well.

Whom to blame? I’m going for Morrison, because he seems to be in charge, and he was the one who probably directed Dutton to unleash his formidable administrative skills, in pursuit of security and safety for all. So far it has cost us over $180 million dollars, and so far there are NO refugees basking in the sun there, and after three months, in July this year in fact, the facility will be re-closed.

This is stunning maladministration. It came to our attention through the Budget, and it appears no-one was embarrassed, or sorry, or regretful, that we had refurbished an unsuitable site for medical evacuations, at huge cost to taxpayers’ funds, and it will never be used.

Morrison did obtain a single use for the facility – he held a press conference there. It took less than 30 minutes, and it has been calculated as the most expensive press conference ever held in Australian history. What will Mr Morrison do to make it up to us?

Politicians need to be held accountable. And they need to be treated with the same severity as we are, should they mis-step. If you fiddle your expenses, you should be charged, rather than being allowed to pay it back. Raise the defence in a court that you didn’t intend to steal it, and could you please just pay it back, and see how the courts treat that.

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