The gambler in The Lodge is gambling with our lives

“As a politician, my instincts and passions have always been domestic,” the prime minister said. “Despite my activity of the past year, I am not one who naturally seeks out summits and international platforms. But as prime minister you must always be directed by the national interest. As has been the case for prime ministers … Continue reading The gambler in The Lodge is gambling with our lives

End of year report on ‘Circus Oz’

So the year has crawled to a dingy close. Remember a few short years ago when Australian democracy was seen as having developed a uniquely Australian flavour. We believed in the fair go, we frowned on favouritism, we all had a sort of grudging respect for our leaders, but we held them to account. We … Continue reading End of year report on ‘Circus Oz’

Dutton has been deeply offended

Peter Dutton has had a rough few weeks. Firstly he was "deeply offended" when he was called a rape apologist. He said so in court, where he was suing Shane Bazzi, an unemployed refugee advocate. Mr Bazzi used Twitter to make his comment. I suspect that many Twitter readers agreed with him, but that is … Continue reading Dutton has been deeply offended