End of year report on ‘Circus Oz’

So the year has crawled to a dingy close. Remember a few short years ago when Australian democracy was seen as having developed a uniquely Australian flavour. We believed in the fair go, we frowned on favouritism, we all had a sort of grudging respect for our leaders, but we held them to account. We … Continue reading End of year report on ‘Circus Oz’

Waiting for the climate change replay

Scott Morrison is now having to deal with the two very distinct wings of his party, as they gird themselves for the culture war which will probably erupt at any moment. This culture war will not be about indigenous history, or the date of Australia Day, or even immigration. It is about climate change. Since … Continue reading Waiting for the climate change replay

Balance is over-rated

The Australian press and media is stricken with a terrible misunderstanding about its role, and responsibilities. It thinks that each and every view, no matter how stupid or misled, or just plain muddle-headed, needs to receive equal time. This is wrong, because, in the immortal words of Donald Rumsfeld, there are certain things, which are … Continue reading Balance is over-rated