The Conservatives In Australia

A friend of mine asked me the other day why I seem to only criticise the Liberals. My answer was that they have been in power for six years now, so if anything is conspicuously wrong with the country, it is probably their fault. And also they appear to be generally a callous lot. I remember when Liberals with a social conscience were dubbed ‘wets’. … Continue reading The Conservatives In Australia

Is Peter Dutton Right for the Job?

Peter Dutton is the man who very publicly refused to attend the national apology, delivered by Kevin Rudd in 2008. He apparently had no regrets, until six years later, when he said he had misunderstood the importance of the occasion. The question I ask is whether he is suitable to sit in the Parliament? Does he meet minimum standards? Can he make the country better, … Continue reading Is Peter Dutton Right for the Job?