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Ask Bucko is conceived and written by Mark Buckley.

Born and educated in Melbourne, Australia, Mark now lives in regional Victoria.

askbucko.com attempts to present a balanced view of the world; one in which reason prevails over ignorance.

If you are after bigoted or ‘hairy-chested’ opinion, step away now. You will only be disappointed.

In the immortal words of Mark Twain, “when in doubt, tell the truth”.

One thought on “About Page”

  1. a very good piece. The accidental prime minister. There is a possibility that Morisson feels that his rise is part of a higher destiny. Though there must be genuine Christians (amongst those who designate themselves, Christian a small minority but they exist)) who are mystified that Morrison with, for instance, his policies on asylum seekers, and other unchristian stances) can actually describe himself as even remotely Christian.
    I also worry too about the anti-China cold war rhetoric. rob monks Islington Newcasle

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