Fraser Anning – He Shouldn’t Even Be A Senator

Fraser Anning is famous, because more than a million Australians want him removed from Parliament. This is quite an achievement, because a grand total of nineteen, yes 19, people voted for him originally. So he is way better at getting people to detest him than he is at getting people to like him. You could call it a gift.

He is the real Bradbury candidate, as he replaced Malcolm Roberts in the Senate, after Malcolm was tossed out for being a dual citizen. Remember Malcolm Roberts, and sigh. But Fraser Anning makes Malcolm Roberts look like a Rhodes Scholar, and a Renaissance Man, in comparison.

At the time of Anning’s elevation to our House of Review he was facing bankruptcy action from a bank. The action was subsequently withdrawn, opening the way for Anning’s stellar parliamentary career. I wonder why the proceedings were withdrawn?

Anyway, he decided not to sit as a member of One Nation, and he was ‘vouched for’ by Cory Bernardi and David Leyonhjelm. Next he joins Bob Katter’s party, but even Bob seems to have seen enough, and he expels Anning from his party.

So to recap, he has been voted for by nineteen people, he is then vouched for by Cory Bernardi and David Leyonhjelm, then he is expelled from Pauline Hanson’s party, and then from Bob Katter’s party, and then, to cap off a great year, he blames the victims of the Christchurch massacre for their own murders. Imagine being rejected by Pauline Hanson and Bob Katter. The shame! the shame!

We need the major parties to reform the Senate. Immediately. And we need a system where we can respect our elected representatives. So that means actually passing legislation; you know, the one job they are elected for.

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