A Fair Go For Those Who Have A Go

For Scott Morrison to even utter these words is remarkable, because he has essentially cast aside the cloak of hypocrisy, and admitted that our home-grown brand of Conservatives are entirely without compassion, and that if you are a ‘loser’ in the game of life you deserve what you get, because the ‘fair go’ is reserved for those ‘having a go’.

This is a belief system called ‘prosperity theology’. If you have ever had the surreal experience of watching a televangelist performing, this will be a part of his spiel. Simply, it espouses the theory that wealth is a blessing from God, and that poverty, or a lack of wealth, well, that is a sign of God’s displeasure. Of course it is! Why else are the common people poor, if not for a lack of moral fibre?

So do not expect fairness, or compassion from our mis-named Liberals. They have long ago cast aside Robert Menzies’ care for the ‘forgotten people’. Here you see, in all its nakedness, contempt for those who are not necessarily winning, and perhaps never will. And for those among us who do care, and consider a safety net central to our idea of a society; we are on the wrong side of the divide.

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