Groundhog Day – The Usual Suspects.

Scott Morrison has had two jobs this year. One was to govern the country, the second was to win an election. He has managed one, out of two. Like all marketing guys he has a short memory, and he believes that the election victory has washed away all his government’s sins, and there is a new day. He is emboldened, and somehow believes that the personnel he took into the election will perform better this time around, like a mythical Scomo.2.

But as we look out into the future, it is possible to discern the return of a similar band of know-nothings, the same old rabble, with nothing new to offer. They are merely re-heating the nasty stew they served up before the election.

Consider the personnel, and the noises they are making. Like zombies they are doing what they do, singing from the same old song-book, and re-fighting the same old battles.

Already we have Matt from Queensland wanting new power stations powered by coal, even if the taxpayers have to subsidise them.

Hilariously we have Barnaby from Armidale, wanting to enshrine Israel Folau’s right to condemn his fellow citizens to hell, for behaving within the law. Barnaby so lacks self-awareness that he fails to notice that he is indeed one of those on a fast train to hell. I won’t speculate on how many of the sins on Folau’s list that Barnaby qualifies for, but I can personally claim five or so.

Then there is Angus from Goulburn. He thinks electric cars are very bad, because everyone will need to install 3 phase power in their houses to charge them, rather than going to the petrol station. He is the energy minister, by the way. And let’s not talk about water buybacks, because he had absolutely nothing to do with it, it was arm’s length, all the way.

Tony from Manly is no longer with us, but he could easily become an ambassador, I guess. Maybe we could send him to Moscow, where he could threaten Mr Putin with an onion.

You get the picture. These are the leaders of the country, and their mates, all getting ready to bore our socks off for another three years. Enjoy!

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