Frydenburg and Morrison – a double act

Josh Frydenburg showed his true colours today. He ripped into the Victorian Premier and blamed him directly for the second wave of coronavirus. Obviously if Daniel Andrews is in charge, and the outbreak occurred on his watch, then at some point in time, he will be held to account.

The major problem is that Andrews is doing a sterling job, trying to save the situation from becoming even worse. The people know there will eventually be a reckoning, but they are content to see it AFTER the crisis has passed.

Frydenburg proved himself to be as naive and gung-ho as we suspected, by allowing himself to be used as Morrison’s cats paw. Morrison knew that it was too dangerous for him to attack the Premier, because he continues with the fiction that the two of them have a good working relationship. So he rolled out the ambitious Victorian to deliver the attack.

Victorians do not like the Prime Minister, as a rule, but they tolerate him, while he is seen to be doing a passable job of leading the country. And when Victoria is being treated equitably. But Frydenburg, in his juvenile ardour, kicked Victoria, while he was kicking Andrews.

He started to harp on about the cost to the national economy, being spent on one state. That didn’t sound like we are all in this together. We all eagerly await the speedy apology from Head Office. It will probably come from the Treasurer, similar to that offered by Dan Tehan, when he railed against the Premier. Sorry, but not very.

Frydenburg showed the poverty of his neoliberal soul as well. He sounded aggrieved, as if it is his money, and Victorians are greedily sucking it away from his unlamented surplus. If there is one pleasure to be gleaned from this crisis, it is in watching the neoliberals squirm, as they spend OUR money. It goes against their grain, because these people do not really like the great unwashed. They would rather that we all suffered in silence.

He also implied that he values the economy above human life. In this he came close to joining those other beacons of callous stupidity, those leaders who have so stuffed up their responses to the pandemic that their names will live in infamy forever – Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro. He must ensure that he does not appear on that particular list.

During his car-crash interview with Michael Rowland, he fumed about the lack of a road-map out of lock-down. No body knows, Josh! We have to wait and see, because as you all parrot every day, when it suits you, listen to the medical experts. Not the economists, the epidemiologists.

And while Victorians’ lives are being turned upside down, and our livelihoods decimated, he wants a plan. Sitting up in Canberra and sniping. To cover up for a Government which actually does need a plan. A plan on fixing inequality, a plan to cut greenhouse emissions, a plan to re-start the economy, a plan to house the homeless, and especially a plan to fix the Aged Care crisis, for good.

He wants to give tax cuts to businesses, while reducing the benefits to citizens, who are all facing hardship. As we know, Frydenburg and Morrison are not getting a pay cut. If you want an idea of the depth of Frydenburg’s intellect, and his commitment to Australia’s future, please study this statement:

“We are comfortable with the fact that people are accessing their money when they need it most.”

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg responds to fresh figures from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority showing that 64 per cent of superannuation withdrawn early is going on discretionary spending and 11 per cent on gambling.

So the next time they speak about the future, you know what they are thinking. We deserve what we get, because we are a feckless lot, and if the best thing we can do is fritter away our retirement, well at least the deficit will look better. Very like the sentiment behind asset sales – let’s take the sugar hit now, and forget about the future.

“Let them eat cake!”

5 thoughts on “Frydenburg and Morrison – a double act

  1. In “Yarraside”, you can always get a “brioche”.


  2. Think the long term moral rot of the Liberals started in Victoria decades ago with hollowing out of Liberal branches, the ascendance of the IPA in libertarian policies being adopted as Liberal Party policy, communications by News Corp (plus Crosby Textor) and public animosity by senior (but socially liberal) Vic Libs towards Howard e.g. Kennett and Peacock.

    What really bothers federal and interstate Libs is that many Liberal voters approve of state Labor government (if not policy) leaders in ’80s Cain (initially), then Bracks, Brumby and Andrews.

    Similar to how non CDU supporting Germans approve of Merkel on e.g. immigration, but would never vote CDU; possibly why NewsCorp journalists e.g. Sheridan, have it in for Merkel being too ‘liberal’.

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  3. Morrison will continue to use his Coalition party members for his own base promotional purposes. Frydunberg is ambitious – and silly – enough to take the bait on that. I predict an increasingly nutty ScoMo pushing Fridenburg even more to the edge. Until Fridenbyrg can’t take it any more, and loses it. Oh happy day!

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  4. Hear,hear and here,here👍


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